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EasyLanguage Programming Services

EasyLanguage Programming Services

Allow me to introduce our Customized EasyLanguage Programming Services and myself. I am known as OpusTrader on the TS Forum and Wiki. I am a EasyLanguage Programmer and I have been a full time Trader and EasyLanguage Programmer for the past 10 years. I have been involved in programming for over 31 years and involved in trading for over 21 years.

I have a wide range of EasyLanguage programming skills and experience covering Forex, Futures, and Stock trading, and I have worked for a wide range of clients from private individual traders to professional traders and small hedge fund traders. One of my EasyLanguage programming specialties is building Multiple Time Frame (MTF) Indicators like our MTF Price Action, MTF Fractal Channel, MTF MACD, MTF RSI, MTF FTP, MTF VWAP, and MTF Stochastic Indicators.

If you have a new trading idea you want to test. You have three choices (1) manually recording each entry and exit prices into a spreadsheet which is very laborious, (2) programming the strategy which is the best approach if you already know the idea is worth doing because of the cost involved, or (3) use our no programming required Back Testing Tool to quickly get a Trading Performance Report on your trading idea. This 3rd option of using the Back Testing Tool is the most affordable approach to prove any new trading idea is viable before having the strategy programmed for you.

Watch this eye opening video to see the performance reports of an actual client's strategy before we enhanced it compared to after we improved the strategy:

You can see the large collection of donated programming tools that I have provided to the TS Forum and Wiki, all hyperlinked from this page in the Wiki:

Here is a very useful article titled "Proper Steps for Back Testing and Developing a Successful Trading Strategy.

To Get Started

The easiest way to get started is to schedule a webinar meeting where I can see your computer and you can explain what you want programmed. During the webinar I will ask questions and get clearly defined specs of your project. If you already have code written that just needs to be fixed or tuned-up, instead of the webinar you can email the code to me for review. I'll come back with questions to clearly identify your needs. I can schedule webinars at 4pm, 5pm, or 6pm Eastern Time any day. To get started send me an email requesting a webinar and what days and times work best for you.

If you prefer not to start with a webinar, you can write down your ideas on a specifications sheet using this PDF example for your outline. Be forewarned, most traders find this a much harder alternative. Once I have your specifications I will then give you a time quote.
Download Sample Specifications Sheet.PDF Save this PDF file on your desktop. Open the saved PDF file and type in your answers. Save it to your desktop with your answers, and send me an email with the updated PDF file attached.

Our EasyLanguage Programming Service Pricing

After the webinar meeting, I will give you an estimated time to do your EasyLanguage programming project. I charge $240 per hour, multiplied by the number of estimated hours. The estimate is the maximum time cap for your peace of mind. Even if it takes longer than the estimated time quoted, you will not be charged for the extra time required AS LONG AS YOU DO NOT ALTER VIA ADDITIONS OR OMISSION TO THE ORIGINAL SPECIFICATIONS! Any alteration to the specs will be charged at $240 per hour and added to the original estimated amount, and the original maximum time cap.

From a practical time scheduling stand point, I have a minimum charge for any programming job of 2 hours.

For example: If I estimate 4 hrs @ $240 per hour, my estimated cost for your project would be $960.00 U.S.D. So the original specs will be coded for you at no additional cost above the estimated time quoted, even if it takes twice the estimated time for me to finish your project, AS LONG AS YOU DO NOT ALTER VIA ADDITIONS TO OR OMISSION NOT INCLUDED IN YOUR ORIGINAL SPECIFICATIONS! Any alteration to the specs is charged at $240 per hour and the time spent is added to the original estimated amount.

If the specs are not very clearly defined or the programming request is complex then it will not be possible to provide an accurate time quote and the project would need to be based on whatever time it takes billed on a hourly rate basis.

Payment via PayPal

After you get the time estimate, just click here to pay 50% of the estimated cost to our PayPal account.

For Bank Wires, Money Orders or Western Union, please email me to request details.

I schedule webinars at 4pm, 5pm, or 6pm Eastern Time and other times if required. To get started send me an email requesting a webinar.

I look forward to doing your TradeStation Code and EasyLanguage programming projects for you.

Staff [at] CustomizedTrading {Dot} com

Please contact us via the above email address and we will reply within 24 hours or less. You must manually type this email address, this method was used to prevent email spam robots from harvesting our email address.