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Personalized Trading Coach & Mentor

Our Personalized Trading Coach Services Will Accelerate Your Path to Trading Success!

Many well known trading authors say it takes several years for a new trader to become successful. Trading is a vastly complex information-heavy field that takes time and money to sort though. The fastest method to mastery is using a trading mentor.

Don't get frustrated, get help!

Our purpose as your Personal Trading Coach is to be your mentor, reduce your learning curve, and provide you a road map to accelerate your progress to successful trading. I am happy to provide private webinar coaching on whatever area that will help you to become a better trader.

Note: I am providing training webinars to Traders that purchase software but I am not accepting new tutoring clients.

Below are just POSSIBLE options, I believe in customizing the coaching to meet your needs whatever those needs are:

Step 1. We schedule a private webinar with you.
- I want to see what you are doing now.
- I want to see the charts and tools you are presently using.
- I want to hear what is working and what is not working for you in your trading.
- I want to discover the style of trading that would best match your personality style.

Step 2. We will develop your personalized plan.
- We will develop a customized trading plan focused on your personal trading needs.
- We will identify what trading style will suit you best.
- We will identify any item you need to discontinue doing.
- We will identify your current trading blocks and show you how to overcome them.
- We will outline areas you need to study.
- We will provide you the road map to accelerate your progress toward successful trading.

Step 3. We will schedule your second private webinar.
- We will cover all the information from Step 2.
- We will show you the trading style that best fits your personality style.
- We will demonstrate the best tools and techniques to use for this style of trading.

After completing these three steps, we can provide ongoing personalized webinar trading sessions to assist you in obtaining the trading education you need to be successful trading the markets. We can also provide any custom TradeStation programming or other trading support necessary to help you take the necessary steps to accelerate your progress to successful trading.

Learning to trade properly is much better and faster than using the trial and error trading approach which most often results in your account getting busted.

Avoid the 4 most common reasons why traders go broke:
1- Not having or not following proper Risk Management Trading Rules.
2- Making highly leveraged trades that are too large for their account balance. This means the Trader either does not have or is not following proper Position Sizing Trading Rules, which is one of the key element of Risk Management.
3- Trading without having a written set of trading rules or not following their written trading rules.
4- Using the learn it yourself approach without getting proper professional mentoring.

I look forward to working together.

Mark David Johnson