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MTF Price Action Indicator - The Greatest Trading "Edge"

MTF Price Action Indicator - The Greatest Trading "Edge"

Most traders agree that price action is the single most important factor in trading. Trading against price is account suicide and a sure fire way to lose money. If you trade based on the way you believe the market is going to behave and you're trading against price, the market will take your money away. Price action is the most critical fact that you can understand as a trader and the greatest trading "edge" is price action across multiple time frames (MTF).

The typical approach to multiple time frame price action is difficult. Many trading authors teach you to start with a chart, like the daily, and you look at the direction of the price on the daily. For this example we'll say it is in a long trend. Next, you study the hourly chart and look to see if your indicator gives you the signal to make a long trade. After the hourly chart confirms a long trade, you go to the 5 minute chart. You now use the 5 minute chart to refine your long entry point and decrease your stop loss risk. It's on the 5 minute chart that you can see a fine tuned movement of when to make the entry into a buy entry.

So, the decision was initially set up because the daily was in an upward trend. Secondly the hourly gave you the signal to make the trade. The 5 minute was nothing more than a refinement of the long entry to reduce the amount of stop loss risk in your trade. Now, this is a good process, but if you are like most traders you'll find flipping back and forth between 3 different charts is a laborious process - and it's not even necessary.

With the creation of a Multiple Time Frame Price Action Indicator, you have the ability to see 8 different time frames all in one single indicator. This MTF indicator shows the interaction of all 8 different time frame price actions. Now, instead of flipping charts, you can look at one single indicator on your trading chart and see the price action direction of 8 different time frames.

Why is this 8 different MTF price action indicator such a powerful trading "edge"? First, it eliminates flipping across 3 charts to get a 3 time frame approach in your trading. It gives you access to 8 different time frame's price action right on a single trading chart. Secondly, and this is critical, you might be trading on a 1 minute or 5 minute chart to reduce your stop loss risk when making your entries, yet you are not trading the market noise on this short time frame chart. You are making your trades based on price action from 7 higher times all the way up to the daily chart.

You will no longer have to go look at the daily chart for price direction, and then look at an hourly chart for the entry signal, and then switch to a 5 minute chart to make your trading entries. When you have the MTF price showing on your trading charts, it's easy. All of this information is in one single indicator and shown right on your trading charts in a very powerful way to improve your trading. The greatest trading "edge" of all is using the MTF Price Action Indicator.

Watch the video named "MTF Price Action Indicator - The Greatest Trading Edge".

Compare our advanced approach of seeing 8 time frames on each candlestick as shown in the above video vs the old traditional approach of panning across multiple different charts as taught in this investopedia article

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