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Multiple Time Frames MTF Price Action

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Price Action On 8 Time Frames Using The MTF_Trend Indicator

The MTF_Trend Indicator is our most important indicator because it shows Price Action on 8 time frames. Price & Price Action is the most important fact to all trading success. Imagine the trading "edge" of knowing the Price Action from eight different time frames in one very visually effective price action indicator, that is exactly what the MTF_Trend Indicator shows. It allows a Trader to use a short time frame trading chart like a 5 min trading chart to reduce the entry stop loss risk and yet effectively trade the Price Action of multiple higher time frame all the way up to Daily time frame. This is very powerful way to reduce your Stop Loss Risk amounts while getting bigger profits from understand all the higher time frame Price Actions. A lot more effective than constantly flipping between multiple different time frame charts while you are trading.

Many traders operate under the delusion that a multiple line moving average ribbon is a multiple time frame indicator but it is not. It really is a single time frame indicator using multiple different lookback (LAG) settings. A multiple line moving average ribbon tells you absolutely nothing about any other time frame.

One of our specialities is making real Multiple Time Frame Indicators like this MTF_Trend Indicator.

Watch the webinar-video named "The Single Greatest Trading Edge Revealed" to see what the MTF trading edge:

Correlating multiple time frames will stack the odds in your favor regardless of the trading style you use. This MTF_Trend Indicator makes trading using multiple time frames (MTF's) so visually simple that you will want to add MTF analysis to all of your trading. MTF analysis will provide you the "edge" you are looking for no matter what your trading style.

Watch the Free Trading Video on this web page link below. You will see how we used the MTF_Trend for a trading entry and quickly backtested the preformance to show how profitable trading using the MTF_Trend indicator can be. Watch how we prove the MTF_Trend is a very powerful MTF trading edge..

This MTF Price Action Indicator called the MTF_Trend will work on any symbol but only on time based intraday charts since time based chart is essential to create the multiple time frames.

This is a very essential trading indicator, and I know it will enhance your trading. Just add the MTF_Trend Indicator to your shopping cart, by clicking "Add To Cart" below.