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Candlestick Power Indicator - FREE TRADING VIDEO

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CandleStick Power
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Candlestick Power

Every trader knows price action is a key aspect to trading, and candlestick patterns show important insights into support and resistance and possible early signs of pending reversals. Combining this with technical trading like MTF price action, support and resistance lines, charts patterns, etc. increases the odds in your favor even more.

These three ShowMe Indicators work on any symbol and any chart style, including tick, volume, Kase, Kagi, etc.

This product contains a family of three different showme indicators with 30+ different patterns identified:
(1) Identifies 37 different Japanese candlestick patterns,
(2) Identifies all the Oliver Velez reversal signs, and
(3) Identifies all the Bill Williams Gator Chaos signs.

You can turn on or off each of these 40+ individual patterns via inputs within these 3 indicators. You can use any combination of these 3 showme indicators on any symbol and on any chart type to spot all the above important candlestick patterns. You have the options to get alerts for all these patterns as well.