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Twelve Essential Trading Tools! Includes All Three of the Above Products - Save $240.00 FREE TRADING VIDEO

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High Probability Trading
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Twelve Fundamental Indicators for Making High Probability Trades

This product contains three sets of products:

#1 - Multiple Time Frame Price Action Indicator Set
The MTF price action indicator displays price action across multiple time frames. You will see price action on 8 different time frames in one subgraph providing you with the greatest trading "edge" available.

#2 - Time Based Volume Indicator Set
Time Based Volume looks through all the volume distortions contained in most volume indicators and shows the real importance of true volume information. The key to reading the Time Based Volume is comparing the price action shown in the candlestick to the volume action from the Time Based Volume histogram bar. Does the price action and volume action agree, or do they show a divergence is occurring!

#3 - Fractal Channel Indicator
The Fractal Channel Indicator provides "real time" support and resistance levels to the trader.

These 12 essential indicators are the fundamental trading tools to make high probability trade set-ups. Watch the webinar-video named "Fundamental Analysis for High Probability Trades".

Watch the Free Trading Video on this web page link below. You will see how we used the MTF Price Action indicator for our trading entries and the Fractal Channel as our exit. We quickly backtested the performance to show how profitable trading using the MTF Price Action Indicator can be. Watch how we prove the MTF Price Action is a very powerful MTF trading edge.

This package includes the following 12 essential indicators:
(1) Single Price Action Indicator
(2) Single Price Action Gapless Indicator
(3) Dual Price Action Gapless Indicator (to replace all lagging Moving Average 2 line crossover indicators)
Note: Indicators #1, #2, and #3 will work on any symbol and any chart type.
(4) MTF Price Action Gapless 1-3 min Indicator (for Scalper Trading using 1, 2 or 3 min charts)
(5) MTF Price Action Gapless Indicator (for Day Trading using 5 min charts)
(6) MTF Price Action Gapless Hourly Indicator (for Swing Trading using Hourly charts)
(7) MTF Price Action Gapless Daily Indicator (for Position & Investor Trading using Daily charts)
Note: Indicator #4 through #7 will work on any symbol, but only works on time based charts.
(8) MTF Price Action Gapless Multiple Indicator (for ALL Non-Time Based Charts it creates higher time frames that are user selectable multiples of the chart. For example if you used a 100 TICK chart then each user defined higher time frame would be multiples of 100).
Note: Indicator #8 will work on any non time based chart like Volume, TICK, Range, Renko, Kagi, Kase, etc.
(9) OOEL MTF Price Action Indicator (OOEL Version as shown in the OOEL section video)
Note: Indicator #9 will work on any symbol and any chart type. You must have TradeStation 9.0 or higher version number to use the OOEL indicator.
(10) Time Based Volume Indicator OOEL version
(11) Volume Normalized Indicator
(12) Fractal Channel Indicator

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