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Fully Automated Fractal Exit Strategy - Uses "Real Time" Fractal Channel Support and Resistance to Manage the Trade Exits. FREE TRADING VIDEO

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Fully Automated Fractal Channel Exit Strategy

This Fractal Channel exit strategy addresses three main problems Traders face in manually exiting trades.
(1) Traders can only manually manage 1, or maybe 2 trades at any one time, which greatly limits their profit potential.
(2) Traders commonly exit prematurely because the natural human tendency is to grab profits too quickly.
(3) Traders commonly hold on to losing trades too long, because the natural human tendency is to keep hoping their losing trade will recover.

Many Traders have overcome these three problems by using our fully automated fractal channel exit management strategy. Often Traders have found this strategy does a much better job of exiting properly and making more money on their trades then they can do themselves. This strategy will free you to find and enter more trades while the computer manages the whole exiting process.

Watch the webinar-video named "Fractal Channel Exit Strategy" to see how you can allow this Fully Automated Exit Management Strategy to handle your trading exits for you.

This Fractal Channel Exit Management Strategy is a good automated exit to use with trades that last for a long number of bars ( for all other type trades see our most versatile exit strategy the Fully Automated Triple Exit Management Strategy ). The picture in the top right of this page shows the Fractal Channel Indicator and Fractal Channel Automated Exit Strategy in operation. The Fractal Channel Exit Strategy has one input to control these three settings: (1) exit at the fractal line, (2) exit at the yellow line, or (3) exit at the brown line.

The Fractal Channel Exit Strategy includes 2 different versions of the Fractal Channel Exit Strategy. It does NOT include the Fractal Channel Indicator.

The distance between the fractal line and the yellow or brown line is calculated based on the price action. This provides the correct "breathing" room necessary to remain in trending trades longer without getting stopped out prematurely.

This is a very popular strategy to automate exit management that will enhance your trading profits. Just add this automate exit strategy to your shopping cart, by clicking "Add To Cart" below.