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The Most Important Trading Fact is Price Action. MTF Price Action Indicator Shows Price Action of 8 Different Time Frames! FREE TRADING VIDEO

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MTF Price Indicators Shows Price Action Of 8 Different Time Frames
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MTF Price Action Indicator provides Price Action on 8 Time Frames

The MTF Price Action Indicator is our most important indicator because it shows Price Action on 8 different time frames at once. Price Action is the most important fact to all trading success. Imagine the trading "edge" of knowing the Price Action from eight different time frames in one very visually effective MTF Price Action Indicator. This is exactly what the MTF Price Action Indicator shows. We have multiple different versions of the MTF Price Action Indicator to custom fit different time frame traders like scalpers, day traders, swing traders and long term position traders.

These indicators allow Traders to use a short time frame trading chart to reduce the entry stop loss risk and yet effectively trade the price structure indicator using multiple higher time frames. This is a very powerful way to reduce your Stop Loss Risk amounts while getting bigger profits from understanding all the higher time frame Price Actions at once. This is much more effective than constantly flipping between multiple different time frame charts while you are trading.

Many traders operate under the delusion that a multiple line moving average ribbon is a multiple time frame indicator but that is not true. A common ribbon indicator is just a single time frame indicator using multiple different lookback/lag settings. A multiple line moving average ribbon tells you absolutely nothing about any higher time frame.

We highly recommend going to the "Learning Center" page, the first seven (7) articles and associated trading videos will cover the MTF Price Action Indicator in detail so you get why this is the single greatest trading "edge" available.

Watch this webinar-video named "MTF Price Action Indicator - The Greatest Trading Edge":

If you want to watch the video on the new OOEL MTF Price Action Indicator that is also included in this package then click on the link.

Correlating multiple time frames will stack the odds in your favor regardless of the trading style you use. This MTF Price Action Indicator makes trading using multiple time frames (MTF's) so visually simple that you will want to add MTF analysis to all of your trading. MTF analysis will provide you the "edge" you are looking for no matter what your trading style.Watch the Free Trading Video on this web page link below. You will see how we

used the MTF Price Action Indicator as an indicator for making trade entries, and quickly backtested the performance to show how profitable trading using the MTF Price Action Indicator can be. Watch how we prove the MTF Price Action Indicator is a very powerful MTF trading edge.

This software product includes the following 9 indicators plus the new OOEL MTF Price Action indicators too.
(1) Single Price Action Indicator
(2) Single Price Action Gapless Indicator
(3) Dual Price Action Gapless Indicator (to replace all lagging Moving Average 2 line crossover indicators)
Note: Indicators #1, #2, and #3 will work on any symbol and any chart type.
(4) MTF Price Action Gapless 1-3 min Indicator (for Scalper Trading using 1, 2 or 3 min charts)
(5) MTF Price Action Gapless Indicator (for Day Trading using 5 min charts)
(6) MTF Price Action Gapless Hourly Indicator (for Swing Trading using Hourly charts)
(7) MTF Price Action Gapless Daily Indicator (for Position & Investor Trading using Daily charts)
Note: Indicator #4 through #7 will work on any symbol, but only works on time based charts.
(8) MTF Price Action Gapless Multiple Indicator (for using on ALL Non-Time Based Charts it creates higher time frames that are user selectable multiples of the chart. For example using a 100 TICK chart with a input=8 then that one specific Price Action line would be calculated on the open, high, low and close from each group of 8 bars).
Note: Indicator #8 will work on any non time based chart like Volume, TICK, Range, Renko, Kagi, Kase, Line Break, 30 second charts, etc.
(9) OOEL MTF Price Action Indicator (OOEL Version as shown in the OOEL section video)

If you are using charts other than time based charts for example Tick, Range, Kase, Renko and other type charts we have good news our new Indicator #8 will work on these types of charts.

These very essential Price Action Indicators will definitely enhance your trading success. Just add it to your shopping cart, by clicking "Add To Cart" below.