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Strategy Testing Tool: Quickly Backtest Any Trading Ideas You Have! FREE TRADING VIDEO

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Strategy Testing Tool
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Strategy Testing Tool - Quickly Backtest Any Trading Ideas You Have!

Strategy Testing Tool allows any trader to backtest their trading ideas to see if the trading ideas are viable for discretionary trading and/or automated trading. This Strategy Testing Tool works on any time based chart all without doing any EasyLanguage programming.

Many traders use discretionary entries but lack a viable way to backtest their discretionary trading rules. Until now, you have been stuck with the time consuming task of entering all your trade entry and trade exit data into a spreadsheet just to get a net profit or loss amount.

This Strategy Testing Tool provides the ultimate solution. The trader just uses the text tool and types right on the trading chart; "L" for long trade, "S" for sellshort trade, and "F" for going flat. The strategy re-creates all your historical trades for you right on your trading chart. With one button click you'll have a complete performance report available to analyze your strategy ideas.

Another application for the Strategy Testing Tool is to mark only your discretionary entries and then testing different automated exit strategies, you can backtest those exit strategies with your discretionary entries to discover which exit strategies work best.

This Strategy Testing Tool delivers the full power of strategy testing and optimization to traders to test any trading ideas without requiring any EasyLanguage programming.

Watch the HD full screen webinar-video named "Strategy Testing Tool" to see how easy we test a brand new trading entry idea using our Multiple Time Frame Price Action Indicator using the Strategy Testing Tool. After our first phase of strategy testing, we add a second entry rule and quickly test the results of adding this rule. In three stages of testing we triple the number of trades in the test sample up to 92 trades. Watch now to see the results for yourself.

Using the Strategy Testing Tool any trader can quickly do strategy testing of any trading idea on any time frame based chart and walk through multiple stages of testing and development ALL without doing any EasyLanguage programming.