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Visual Chart Trading Strategy Allows You to Trade Directly From Your Trading Charts, Plus Much More! FREE TRADING VIDEO

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Profitable Trade using Visual Chart Based TradingReal Time Reward-Risk Ratio DisplayedProfitable Trade
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Visual Chart Trading Directly from Your Trading Charts!

Visual Chart Trading allows you to:

  1. Buy using market, limit and/or stop orders
  2. SellShort using market, limit and/or stop orders
  3. Manually drag a Profit Target Line into position
  4. Manually drag a Stop Loss Line into any position to initially limit risk, and during the trade to lock in your profits
  5. Uses our Fully Automated Advanced Position Sizing
  6. Scale into a trade with multiple manual entries while an automated strategy does your exits
  7. Scale out of any automated strategy entry using multiple manual exits
  8. Have the strategy calculate and display the Reward-Risk Ratio on your chart, based on where you just positioned your Profit Target trendline and Stop Loss trendline.

You can do all of this and more without ever leaving your trading chart! This is our most popular product. This trading video has 4 segments to cover the 4 Visual Chart Trading Strategies.

Watch the webinar-video named "Visual Chart Trading" to see how easy your trading should be:

These four Trend Line Trading Strategies allow a Trader to manually interact and manage ANY existing automated trading strategies while eliminating the common TradeManager "Out of Sync" error problems.

Using the Trend Line Trader Strategy you can do any of the following directly from your charts:

  • Trader can make Manual Entries & Exits while the Computer does the Trade Monitoring & Alerts
  • Trader can make Manual Entries while a Computer Automated Exit Strategy handles the exit management
  • Computer does the Strategy Entries while the Trader moves the Profit Exit Line & Stop Loss Exit Line to handle the trade exits
  • Computer does Automated Strategy Entries & Exits while the Trader can choose to interacts with the automated strategy trades using Profit Exit Line & Stop Loss Exit Line.

After entry into each new trade, these strategies draws a trendline at the "Real" entry price on your trading chart. It also draws an adjustable Profit Limit exit trendline, and an adjustable Stop Loss exit trendline. The trader manages the trade by moving the adjustable Profit Trendline and adjustable Stop Loss Trendline at any time during the trade.

Risk management is a Traders most important job. Professional Traders manage risk first and foremost. This strategy makes good Reward-Risk Ratio trade management very simple by using a entry price trendline, profit trendline, and stop loss trendline to calculate the live Reward-Risk Ratio and displays it on the trading chart. You get great pre-trade reward-risk ratio calculations to make your trade entry decision. Move one of the adjustable trendlines and the Reward-Risk Ratio is re-calculated and displayed. See examples in picture #3 and #4.

Why Reward-Risk Ratio trade management is so vital is best said by Perry J. Kaufman, "A trading system alone will not assure success without proper risk control, beginning with individual trades... Every trading style has losing streaks that will ruin an investor who begins trading at the wrong time without adequate capital; therefore the size of the position, the markets to trade, and when to increase or decrease leverage become important for financial survival."

This trading add-on works on any symbol and any time based chart from 1 minute to weekly, plus it works correctly alongside ANY existing automated strategy you may be using. These strategies must execute using [ IntraBarOrderGeneration = True ] and some platforms have imposed 2 limitations where you can not use [ IntraBarOrderGeneration = True ]. First limitation is placing a second data stream on any chart disables strategies from running IntraBar. Second limitation applies to all the new bar type like Kase, Renko, Kagi, Range, Momentum and Line Break if your platform does not permit strategies to execute IntraBar on these bar types. Thus Visual Chart Trading strategies can not function under the 2 above limitations.

This Visual Chart Trading System is made up of 3 different strategies to meet the needs of all types of trading styles:
(1) CT_TL_Trader_Market
Uses a fat white trendline and changing colors will buy or sell immediately using market orders. This strategy can be used along side of other strategies to make multiple scaling in entries or multiple scaling out exits.
(2) CT_TL_Trader_Triple
A very unique day trading strategy. Inputs allows you to select fully automated position sizing or fixed position sizing. This strategy provides one entry line and one stop loss line which you drag into position for pre-trade analysis. The strategy automatically calculates the stop loss risk and the proper position sizing for the trade. After any trade occurs on the chart, you will automatically get one stoploss line and three profit target lines to drag into any position you want. Text will be displayed on your chart showing (a) Real time profit or loss, (b) Profit from already hit profit target lines, (c) Risk potential based on stoploss line position, (d) Profit potential amount based on the three profit target line positions, and (e) Real time risk-reward ratio based on stoploss line (risk potential) and profit line placements (profit potential). This information is real time. As you move the stoploss or profit target lines the calculated amounts are updated.
(3) CT_TL_Trader
One fat white trendline allows scaling in and scaling out using color changes to place market orders (just like the CT_TL_Trader_Market above) plus two thin white trendlines allow you to place lines in any position for order entry by changing the trend line colors to select a limit entry order or a stop entry order. This strategy offers user input selected fixed or dynamic position sizing (just like described in the #2 above). This strategy offers risk management text display just like in #2 above. This is our primary and most versatile chart trading strategy.

A personal webinar is included to insure the product was installed properly, plus everything is working correctly and to answer all your questions about using these chart trading strategies.

These three trading strategies that make up the Visual Chart Trading System is our most popular product and makes proper position sizing, risk-reward management and trade exit management very simple right on your trading charts!

Trading directly from your trading charts is an easier less stressful approach to trading and will enhance your trading effectiveness. Just add these 3 TradeStation Strategies to your shopping cart, by clicking "Add To Cart" below.