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Trend Rider - Advanced Semi-Auto Computer Assisted Trading System - FREE TRADING VIDEO

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Showing Trend Rider Making Down Trend Trades
Showing Trend Rider Making MTF Reversal TradeRadarScreen for Trend Rider Product - Show Market Mode
Price: $2,450.00

Trend Rider - Advanced Semi-Auto Computer Assisted Trading System

If you are still working at a "Job" then this is the perfect trading strategy for you.

Correlating Multiple Time Frames will stack the odds in your favor on any trading style you use. This system makes trading using MTF's so visually simple that you will want to add MTF analysis to all of your trading. MTF analysis will provide you the "edge" you are looking for no matter what your trading style.

This "Trend Rider - Advanced Semi-Auto Computer Assisted Trading System" can be used on all charts like Tick, Volume, Kase, Range, Time, etc. plus all markets like Forex, Futures, or Equity symbols on any of the following trading styles:
A) Long or Short Trend Trades using our MTF "edge" (see video)
B) Consolidation Breakout Trades with our MTF "edge" (see second video)
C) Revert to Mean/Reversal Trades with our MTF "edge" (see second picture above)
D) Choppy - Range Bound Trades (see second video)
E) Channel Trades (Up, Down or Sideways Channels) (see second video)
F) Triangles, Pennants, and many other pattern type Trades

The video on this web page covers the Long and Short "Trend" patterns only, for all the other patterns make sure to watch the second video about Trend Rider located at

Here is the first video about the amazing Trend Rider Strategy which I think is one of the most powerful trading strategies we have.

Trend Rider - Advanced Semi-Auto Computer Assisted Trading System includes:
1) Three workspaces set-up with pre-configured trading charts one for each market Forex, Futures and Stocks.
2) Seven demo workspaces with charts illustrating many of the different trading patterns listed above.
3) Trend Structure Indicator (for Radarscreen displays the Market Mode see third picture on top of this page! )
4) Trend Structure Indicator (for Charts)
5) MTF Price Action Indicator (for RadarScreen)
6) MTF Price Action Gapless (for Charts)
7) Trend Rider Lines Strategy for making historical trades to see Back Testing
8) Historical Trades Back Testing Strategy (as demonstrated in the above video)
9) Historical Single Trade Strategy (can be used to give Trend Rider the trading direction)
10) CT_TL_Trader_Manual Strategy for making real time chart based trade entries and/or exits for swing traders.
11) Trend Rider Strategies (Versions 1 and Version 2)
12) 9 Product Training Videos
13) Private Webinar to insure the product was installed properly and everything is working correctly plus answer all your questions about using the Trend Rider Trading System.
14) Future updates and enhancements are included at no extra cost.

If you want more details about the Trend Rider product get the Trading Video named, "Computer Assisted Trading using MTF's" which contains 4 Trading Videos detailing this powerful Trend Rider Trading System.