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Complete MTF CONSOLIDATION Trading System - Locate & Make High Probability Trades! FREE TRADING VIDEO

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Consolidation Scan Trade with Results
Consolidation Scan trade with results
Price: $1,995.00

High Probability MTF Consolidation Breakout Trading System

This product is a TURNKEY TRADING SYSTEM! It can be used with Currencies, Futures or Stocks.

Do you find yourself spending more time searching for possible trade set ups than actually trading? This Trading System can eliminate the endless searching for high quality trade set-ups.

You make money trading not searching for trades, so stop spending the majority of your time searching. By using our advanced technology, your computer will do 90% of all the work required to locate all the High Probability MTF Consolidation Trade Set ups that you need to become more productive and profitable.

What are High Probability MTF Consolidation Trade Set Ups?
High Probability MTF Consolidation Trade Set Ups are defined as trade set ups that have high odds of being profitable, plus a high percentage of the trade set ups will be winners, producing at least a 1 to 3 risk to reward.

The MTF Consolidation Trading System is the quickest trading system to learn and master out of all the different trading systems we offer.

Correlating Multiple Time Frames (MTF's) will stack the odds in your favor on any trade entry you make. This system makes using complex MTF's so visually simple that you will want to add MTF analysis to all of your trading. MTF analysis will provide you the "edge" you are looking for, no matter what your trading style.

Eliminate the labor intensive frustration of manually searching for trade set ups today and stop wasting your productive time searching for trade set ups and start making more money trading! Find out how your computer can locate all the High Probability MTF Consolidation Trade Set Ups by watching this updated video covering the 4 RadarScreen scanning tools that are all included in the MTF Consolidation Trading System.

This is a COMPLETE TURNKEY TRADING SYSTEM, including a strategy which works with all Forex, Stock and Futures symbols. In addition to finding the High Probability MTF Consolidation Trade Set-ups for you, as shown in the first picture, you then can use the included TL_Trader_Dual Strategy which is design specifically for making the dual direction consolidation breakout trades. To see this tool in operation, watch the video, "How your computer can find High Probability Trading Set Ups for you!" from the "Trading Videos" page.

This complete MTF Consolidation Trading System includes:
1) 3 Workspaces with several dozen charts already configured
2) 7 RadarScreen Scanning Workspaces
3) CT_Consolidate_Mode (Chart Master Consolidation Indicator)
4) CT_RS_Consolidation (RadarScreen Master Consolidation Indicator)
5) CT_RS_MTF_Price_Action (Radarscreen MTF Consolidation Indicator)
6) CT_MTF_Price_Action_Gapless (Gapless Version of Chart Indicator for 8 Time Frame Price Action Analysis)
7) CT_Fractal_Channel (Chart Indicator that shows "Real Time" Support & Resistance)
8) CT_AMA (Chart Indicator showing Adaptive Moving Average)
9) CT_RS_C_ADX (ADX Consolidation Indicator)
10) CT_RS_C_Consld_Index (Consolidation Index Indicator)
11) CT_RS_C_Price (Price Consolidation Indicator)
12) CT_RS_C_Squeeze (Squeeze Consolidation Indicator)
13) CT_RS_C_VolNormalize (Vol Normalized Consolidation Indicator)
14) CT_RS_Position_Size (RadarScreen shows proper Position Size)
15) CT_TL_Trader_Dual (Chart based trendline trading entries with automatic risk management and position sizing built into the strategy to make the Trader's job of risk management very easy.)
16) Written Trading Rules (Precise trading setup and management rules)
17) Multiple Trading Videos detailing this entire TradeStation trading system.
18) Private Webinar to insure the product was installed properly and everything is working correctly plus answer all your questions about using the trading system.
19) Future updates and enhancements are no extra cost.

To see this tool in operation watch the, "How your computer can find High Probability Trading Set-ups for you!" on the "Trading Videos" page. It shows an actual live training session with 21 MTF Consolidation BreakOut trades all at one time managing the trades using the Chart Based Trading Strategy providing a low stress trading approach with a results of 5 losers and 16 winners. In 5 hours of trading making a $23,000 net profit. (Note: That day happened to be a day when the market had a good consolidation pattern, of course, this powerful of a consolidation does not happen every day it happens about once or twice a month.)