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Ultimate Trader - 6 Expert Trading Strategies Integrated Into One Strategy - FREE TRADING VIDEO

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Ultimate Trader Long Trend Mode
RadarScreen Market Mode Indicator
Price: $4,950.00

Ultimate Trader - 6 Expert Trading Strategies Integrated Into One Strategy

If you can't spend the whole day in front of your computer trading, then the "Trend Rider" or the "Ultimate Trader" are the best trading strategies for you!

Have you ever wondered why all automated trading strategies have periodic equity run-ups and equity draw-downs? The reason is that any single strategy's logic only handles the one single market mode that it was designed to handle. When the strategy and trading chart market mode are in harmony the strategy makes good profits. When the strategy and trading chart market mode are NOT in harmony you'll experience those unwanted equity drawdowns. These equity drawdown periods are why I created the Ultimate Trader with 6 expert market mode strategies all integrated into one. Now the trader can select the strategy logic needed to stay in harmony with the trading chart market mode. By keeping the strategy logic and trading chart market mode in sync you improve your trading profits.

Note: To answer a common question Ultimate Trader is a totally unique product and does not include any of the other 6 trading systems listed within this Trading Systems section.

The Ultimate Trader is made to effectively trade all six (6) of these market modes:
  1) Long Bias Only - All types of market mode long trades only
  2) Short Bias Only - All types of market mode short trades only
Note: Recommend initially just use the above "LONG" or "SHORT" approach. After you get more skilled at determining the market mode you can use whatever mode fits best.
  3) MTF (Multiple Time Frame) Up Trend Mode - Long trades only
  4) MTF Down Trend Mode - Short trades only
  5) Trading Range / Choppy Mode - Long and/or short trades
  6) MTF Consolidation Mode - Long and/or short trades

The Ultimate Trader places 6 expert trading strategies at your finger tips. All you do is select one of the 6 modes and then the Ultimate Trader handles all the trade entries and exits for you.

Knowing the market mode to select is pretty easy using the Trend Structure Indicator and MTF Price Action Indicator provided with the Ultimate Trader. You can change the market mode selection as often as you see any change in the Trend Structure Indicator and MTF Price Action Indicator. I recommend you watch the video on the Trend Rider Trading System page since this is the method I recommend you use to know if the market mode is long only or short only.

The Ultimate Trader is designed as an expert trading system. It creates and uses the MTF Price Action lines to know when the market mode is in an uptrend, downtrend, MTF consolidation or trading range, and then uses that market mode information in the decision process for both trade entries and exits.

Here is a video on the Ultimate Trader to show you some results.

To see a second video on the Ultimate Trader make sure to visit this web page

The Ultimate Trader can be used on any Forex, Futures or Stock symbol. It requires a 5 minute time based chart to create the 7 higher time frames used by the Ultimate Trader. Remember even though the Ultimate Trader operates on a 5 minute chart, trades can last for several days because 8 different time frames are used in the decision process.

The Ultimate Trader is a COMPLETE TURNKEY TRADING SYSTEM which includes:
  1) Ultimate Trader Strategy with 6 expert strategies integrated into one strategy
  2) MTF Price Action Gapless Indicator (for charts)
  3) MTF Price Action - Market Mode (for radarscreen shown in second screen shot above)
  4) Trend Structure Indicator (for charts and radarscreen)
  5) 6 Workspaces with 5 charts per workspace
  6) Multiple Trading Videos detailing this entire TradeStation trading system
  7) A personal webinar to insure the product was installed and working properly and answer all your questions.
  8) A second follow-up personal webinar to complete your training.
  9) Future enhancements to the product are provided at no extra cost.

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