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Many Benefits of Using Our TradeStation Fully Automated Exit Strategy

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Many Benefits of using Automated Exit Strategies
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TradeStation Fully Automated Exit Strategy

Using our TradeStation Fully Automated Exit Strategy addresses three main problems Traders commonly face in manually exiting their trades:
(1) Traders can only manually manage 1, or maybe 2 trades at any one time, which greatly limits their profit potential.
(2) Traders commonly exit pre-maturely, because the natural human tendency is to grab profits too quickly.
(3) Traders commonly hold on to losing trades too long, because the natural human tendency is to keep hoping their losing trade will recover.

Many Traders have overcome the three above problems in their trading by using our fully automated exit management strategy, and find it does a better job of exiting properly and making more money on their trades then they can do themselves. The biggest benefit our Traders receive is they are free to find and enter more trades while the computer manages the whole exiting process.

This trading video titled, "Many Benefits of Using Automated Exit Strategies," shows a complete demonstration of our #1 recommend automated exit management strategy, which contains the following exits:
(1) Three stage profit exit
(2) Inital stop loss exit
(3) After each stage of the profit exit is reached, the stop loss is moved up to lock in a percentage of the profits already gained in the trade.
(4) Dynamic Trailing Exit that starts as a stop loss and automatically moves up, continually locking in more profits along the way. It is very intelligent in the way it moves.

This fully automated exit management strategy can be configured via input controls for the needs of most any type of trading strategy.