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Common Challenges Facing Traders

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Common Challenges Facing Traders
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Common Challenges Facing All Traders

This trading video covers the most Common Challenges Facing all Traders and the solutions to those challenges.

Common Challenges Facing Traders covers:

  1. Problems with "Analysis Paralysis"
  2. Constantly searching for the miracle entry system that has the highest % of winners.
  3. Making trading decisions based on poor quality trading tools.
  4. Lacking knowledge about or misunderstanding "Position Sizing" will damage your trading account balance.
  5. Lacking good "Risk Management" knowledge.
  6. If you are not using Multiple Time Frames effectively you are missing out on the most powerful trading "edge" available to you.

Bonus Video: About MTF Trend Analysis

This trading video covers the highly effective and easy to apply practical solutions to the above challenges facing traders.