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TradeStation Computer Assisted Trading using MTF's - Part 1

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Trader Triggered Automated MTF Trend Trading Strategy
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TradeStation Computer Assisted Trading

Correlating Multiple Time Frames (MTF's) will stack the odds in your favor on any trade entry you make. This trading webinar covers a complex topic of using MTF analysis, but makes it so visually simple you will want to add MTF analysis to all of your trading. MTF analysis will provide you the "edge" you are looking for, no matter what your trading style.

Computer Assisted Trading using MTF's - Part 1 shows the unbeatable trading power of combining the strength of the computer and the strength of the human trader in one unbeatable combination!

The trading webinar covers how to trade MTF Consolidation BreakOuts, MTF Trend Trading, MTF Choppy/Trading Range Trading, and MTF Counter-Trend Trading using Visual Chart Based Trading Strategies and our powerful MTF_Trend Indicator.

On IntraDay charts, the Trader identifies one of the many trading patterns using the MTF_Trend Indicator. The Trader makes the inital trade directly on the trading chart using our Visual Chart Based Trading Strategies. Once the trade is made, the computer goes to work to maximize the profit potential of the trend by adding entries and taking profit exits during the progression of the trend. The automated strategy becomes dormant when the human exits the trade completely, and will wait for the human to make another entry before it springs back into action.

Make sure to look at the picture above. All the entries and exits after the initial entry are automated and executed by the strategy.

Computer Assisted Trend Trading is the best approach to profitable trend trading, with the human trader doing what they do best and the computer doing what the computer can do best.

To understand the amazing "Low Risk" to this trading system, make sure you watch Part 1 and Part 2.

This product contains 3 trading videos covering the "Trend Rider" Trading System.