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TradeStation Computer Assisted Trading using MTF's - Part 2

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Computer Assisted Visual Chart Based Trading
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TradeStation Computer Assisted Trading

TradeStation Computer Assisted Trading using MTF's - Part 2 - Safe Trading opens up a whole new world of visual chart based computerized trading.

Computerized Assisted Trend Trading uses MTF's to add that extra "edge" to your trend trading. Computer Assisted Trading combines the strength of the computer and the strength of the human trader in one unbeatable combination!

This trading video demonstrates the power and intelligent safety net built into this automated Trend_Rider strategy. In this trading video we randomly pick a direction to enter the trade on 6 different symbols to illustrate the intelligence of this computer assisted Trend_Rider trading strategy.

Make sure to look at the picture above. All the entries and exits after the initial entry are automated and executed by the strategy.

Computer Assisted Trend Trading is the best approach to profitable trend trading with the human trader doing what they do best, and the computer doing what the computer can do best. This trading system is a very "Low Risk" trading system fully shown in this video!

This product contains 3 trading videos with more details about the "Trend Rider" Trading System.