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Fractal Channel Scalping Using High Probability Low StopLoss Risk Entries

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Fractal Channel Scalping
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High Probability Fractal Channel Scalping

In trading, price action is the ultimate truth of what matters. Traders all know that price action creates support and resistance. Support and Resistance is simple to see in hindsight, but most traders struggle with timely real-time identification of support and resistance.

Fractals are also known as Swing Highs and Swing Lows. Our Fractal Channel Indicator visually shows timely real-time Support and Resistance on any chart and any time frame.

When a trader has access to timely real-time support and resistance, the trader can make precision entries with small stoploss risk amounts that have a high probabilty for a move that will be 5X or more then the stoploss risk they are taking in making the trade.

This qualifies Fractal Channel Scalping as a High Probability Low Risk trading method.