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Risk-Reward Made Easy!

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Risk-Reward Ratio, Risk Management
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Risk-Reward Made Easy!

Why you need to watch this trading video is best said by this quote from Perry J. Kaufman, "A trading system alone will not assure success without proper risk control, beginning with individual trades... Every trading style has losing streaks that will ruin an investor who begins trading at the wrong time without adequate capital; therefore the size of the position and when to increase or decrease leverage become important for financial survival."

This trading webinar covers the Risk-Reward Indicator, which is the heart of our Risk-Reward & Position Sizing System.

We breakdown trading success into three areas:

25% is based on the effectiveness of the entry, because everything is known at the time the entry is made (this is really the easiest part of trading).

50% is based on the effectiveness of managing the trade after you are in a trade. Because everything that happens after entry is unknown, the trader must navigate this unknown properly without having the emotions of fear and greed cloud their trading effectiveness (this is the hardest part).

25% is based on good Risk-Reward Management skills. This webinar covers the Risk-Reward Indicator and how it eliminates all the math calculations to assists the trader in proper Position Sizing, Risk-Reward Assessment, and Stop Loss Management.

To quote Bill Jenkins, "The Holy Grail of trading is Money Management." This trading video teaches you about this critical issue of proper Money Management, and how to make this very simple by using this automated Risk-Reward Indicator.