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Secrets To Successful Trading - Part I

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Secrets To Profitable Trading
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Secrets To Successful Trading - Part 1

Several extremely important topics are vital for traders to understand and practice in order to consistently take money from the market. Yet, most Traders ignore these sound trading principles completely, which results in commonly busting their account.

  • Risk Management
  • Position Sizing
  • Reward-Risk Ratio

TOC_Risk-Reward Indicator has taken all the math and complexity out of these three principles and made it easy to implement them into your trading, simply by using the TOC_Risk-Reward Indicator System on your trading charts.

Why you need to watch this trading video is best said by these two quotes:

"In my opinion, position sizing is the most significant part of any trading system." Van Tharp

"A trading system alone will not assure success without proper risk control, beginning with individual trades... Every trading style has losing streaks that will ruin an investor who begins trading at the wrong time without adequate capital; therefore the size of the position and when to increase or decrease leverage become important for financial survival." Perry J. Kaufman