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Time Based Volume Normalized & Volume Normalized

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Time Based Volume
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Time Based Volume Normalized & Volume Normalized

Volume is very important in trading, second only to Price. Why would so many Traders ignore Volume when it is so important? Often volume is ignored because it varys so much from one symbol to the next and from one time frame to the next. On Forex, it is not even available to most traders. Other common volume distortions are the high volume that occurs after a market opens and before a market closes, plus the low volume that occurs at market lunch times.

Volume Normalized Indicator and Time Based Volume Indicator are the two solutions to all of these above listed Volume issues.

A trader reads Volume Normalized the same on all Forex, Futures, and Stock symbols, and all time frames. Yes, it works on Forex pairs. Volume Normalized uses 100% as the normal volume median for that symbol and time-frame, and then calculates and displays the current bar volume as a percentage in relationship to the 100% standard.

Time Based Volume Indicator goes one step further. The volume for every single bar is compared only to exactly the same time-bar from the prior 21 trading days(1 month)to get a time based median volume, and then the current bar is displayed as a percentage of that time segmented monthly median value. This time based volume approach completely eliminates the high volume distortion that occurs after the open of a market, just before the close of a market, and the low volume distortion that occurs at market lunch times.