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Mark David Johnson

Allow me to introduce myself. I am Mark David Johnson, also known as OpusTrader on the TradeStation Forum and Wiki. I have been a full time Trader and EasyLanguage Programmer for over 10 years. I have been involved in programming for over 31 years and involved in trading for over 21 years.

I have a wide range of EasyLanguage programming skills and experience covering Forex, Futures, and Stock trading. My client's range from private individual traders to professional traders and small hedge fund traders. You can see the before and after results of my programming work shown in the video on the EasyLanguage Programming page.

Here are some of my favorite Indicators and Strategies.

Here is a very instructional article I posted in the Forum titled "Proper Steps for Back Testing and Developing a Successful Trading Strategy". You can see the large collection of donated EasyLanguage programming tips that I have provided to Forum and Wiki, all hyperlinked from this one page within Wiki.


Staff [at] CustomizedTrading {Dot} com

Please contact us via the above email address and we will reply in 24 hours or so. You must manually type this email address, this method was used to prevent email spam robots from harvesting our email address.

Reference Letters

"I had just been trading for 8 months when I depleted my first whole account. The rule that all brokers know is that within 3 to 9 months all beginning traders get blown up is a fact no matter how intelligent the beginning trader thinks he is. I was determined after a loss equating to a Yale or Harvard tuition, to trade correctly and learn from the best there is. It didn't take me much time to discover Customized Trading.

The light bulb clicked and I decided to tackle the science, everything any trader whether beginner, advanced or even master can and will find an edge in Customized Trading's tools and techniques.

I would go as far to say that they have the best most advanced high-tech trading tools and strategies that exist on earth. There are no shortcuts in professional trading but with Customized Trading (CT) traders will have a genuine chance at success if they put their mind to it.

Not only you get a variety of powerful and simple tools but the lessons explaining the how and the why which will elude most traders present and upcoming beginners or veterans.

I firmly believe that CT is the 1st and only stop to professional trading with the plethora and richness of all kinds of materials it offers. Moreover, CT goes further and has handled all my complex programming requests flawlessly, there is no other high-level professional trader, super coach or master programmer like Mark David Johnson. I have the privilege to have been indoctrinated in the correct fundamentals and principles that still hold true since the golden era of technical analysis on Wall Street.

I highly and strongly urge anyone looking to find his edge in the speculative markets to start with CT and go all the way as the marathon is long but doable. Having CT on my side shaved off perhaps decades of the learning curve and they even made my tasks easier by creating their custom indicators and further customising them to meet my exact needs and trading styles. As such, I have never seen something as powerful and efficient as CT. it's a university for professional traders that offers everything from tools to bespoke work to trading lessons. For success in this modern day and age, I would only chose one website for all my needs and education as everything is technology oriented, technically sound and true, and powerfully computer-assisted making several of the trader's jobs easier and comfortable".
Ziad Habbal from Beruit, Lebanon

"I have used Mark David Johnson's EasyLanguage programming services for many different projects over the last few years and I am always very impressed with his expertise and knowledge and also the quick and professional manner he works.

He is very easy to work with and is logical in both a trader's mind and a programmer's mind.

I have always been happy with his completed projects and I have learnt a lot from his work - I will continue to use his expertise as I move forward in this EasyLanguage world."
Michael Hale from Howick, New Zealand

"As we have worked with each other over the past several months I have become increasingly impressed with your market knowledge and related products. Your product line is adaptable for system traders, as well as discretionary trading; plus you have products for every market mode (trending, consolidation, range bound). I particularly like the Multiple Time Frame (MTF) work and your visual presentation of the indicator. The MTF indicator is very unique and applicable to many aspects within the market.

If someone were to ask me what one area would you recommend the most?, I would, without hesitation, say it is the webinar training / coaching. Mark, you have the ability to teach as well as program. This is a talent rarely seen. I have found you to be well spoken, patient, and very insightful."
William L Cargill from Virginia, USA

"I have been working with Customized Trading over four months now. Their indicators are far superior to the competition. I have enjoyed very reasonable custom programming by purchasing the 'Scalper Day Trading System'. They provide not only the products you need, but the support to improve your implementation for using this advanced programming. The coaching webinars are extremely helpful, I highly recommend taking advantage of the talent and experience you will glean from. I am always excited to learn about any new product or technique they offer. CustomizedTrading is a company you can trust, that cares about you."
Paul Graumann from Colorado, USA

"We are very pleased with your knowledge and responsiveness, and we find you very easy to work with. You clearly have a deep understanding of both EasyLanguage and the core concepts of trading."
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William Zemlak from Illinois, USA

"I have been trading stocks and commodities for over 20 years... Your ability to program trading concepts into EasyLanguage is truly amazing. Plus, you have supplied improvements to my trading concepts."
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Dr. Michael Miller from New Jersey, USA

"I am fortunate I found Customized Trading rather than someone else! If you need to have any kind of EasyLanguage programming, need it done quickly, accurately and at a fair cost, I can recommend Customized Trading without hesitation."
John Sundquist from Colorado, USA

"During my first couple of years of trading I learned the hard way you need a mentor, a coach, and a partner that knows the business. I found your services incredible! The generous support time you have provided me goes way and above anything I ever expected."
Amit Iarovich from California, USA

"We had used other programmers but they could not get it to work the way we wanted it to work... What we found in your services is that you not only can think like a programmer but also know and grasp the complexity of the market... You could get the complexity of our system and understand how to write it into EasyLanguage for us to make our dreams come true. If we had found you first we would have saved a great deal of money in programming."
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Ron Hammer from California, USA

“This has been a very interesting 3 months. I have been trying to crack the EasyLanguage programming code for a couple of years now, but to no avail. What is amazing is how it begins to come together when one has a coach or mentor. I can truthfully say that my trading has improved (both in logic and in $). Having a patience and knowledgeable mentor around is well worth the cost. No question goes unanswered; responses are quick and attentive. His EasyLanguage programming expertise is amazing as he guides my instruction along the lines of my trading interest and introduces new subject matter that enhances my knowledge base. I feel fortunate to have found someone whose goal is to help me meet my goal."
Todd Much from Illinois, USA

“I have used for EasyLanguage programming a few times now and have found them very easy to work with. The consultants have been courteous and very helpful in providing the things I have needed for automated trading. They ask questions I had not thought about as to how I wanted the code to work and offered suggestions for better implementation of my ideas into the code. All-in-all my experience has been pleasant and I recommend Customized Trading for your EasyLanguage Programming needs."
Darryl Crockett from Ohio, USA