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Equity Curve Trading with Equity Switcher - OOEL Version

Trading the Equity Curve with Equity Switcher - OOEL Version

Trading the Equity Curve with Equity Switcher - OOEL (Object Oriented Easy Language) version allows Traders to make more profits and have smaller drawdown risk. This is accomplished because Equity Switcher can control when to "live" trade or when to "paper" trade each strategy.

Here is an article titled "Trading the Equity Curve" by Joe Krutsinger, C.T.A.
was published in Active Trader magazine, September 2000 issue. This article points out the importance of monitoring and trading a strategy based on the Equity Curve.

Watch this amazing HD Trading Video demonstration showing how this TradeStation Indicator and TradeStation Strategy works to allow your strategies to "Trade the Equity Curve".

Now that you have watched the Equity Switcher trading video would you like the Equity Switcher to automatically control your strategies and tell them when to "paper" trade or when to "live" trade! The Equity Switcher can accomplish full automated trading based on the equity curve.

Equity Switcher must execute IntraBar so it can NOT run on Kase, Renko, Kagi charts since TradeStation does not allow IntraBar processing.

This TradeStation add-on product includes the following:
1) Equity Switcher Sample Strategy - Provides the sample strategy used in the video.
2) Equity Switcher Indicator - Plots to show historically when the strategy would have paper traded and when it would have live traded.
3) Equity Switcher Strategy - This Equity Switcher OOEL version of the strategy is what does all the trading based on the equity curve. You do NOT need to modify your existing strategy code, this product can be used on locked and/or protected strategies too.

Equity Switcher will automate your strategy to trade based on your equity curve. Knowing when a strategy should be "live" trading vs "paper" trading is powerful profit enhancing knowledge. Eliminate the guess work about if your strategy is working or not working properly because now you can "Trade Based on Your Equity Curve"!