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Critical Fundamentals For Profitable Trading

The first twelve articles and associated trading videos all build on the prior ones, we recommend you study them in the order they are listed. These twelve articles and videos cover the most important fundamentals of successful trading which are (1) price action on multiple time frames using the MTF Price Action Indicator, (2) time based volume, and (3) real time support and resistance using the MTF Fractal Channel Indicator. Last we cover the 5 "trading edges" we combine together for successful trading.

Trading - Truth vs Fallacy

This first video will separate Facts from Fiction and help Traders understand why most trading indicators will increase the odds of making more losing trades. Contains Free Trading Video

MTF Price Action Indicator - Overview & Construction Design

This second video sets the stage for you to understand the next 6 articles and associated trading videos better. Contains Free Trading Video

MTF Price Action Indicator - Move Over Outdated ADX Indicator & DMI Indicators

Our Price Action Indicator is the best trading indicator available for telling the direction of a trend, when a trend starts, the strength of the trend, and when a trend is ending. The Price Action Indicator does all this without "lag" which exists in the ADX Indicator. Contains Free Trading Video

MTF Price Action Indicator - The Greatest Trading "Edge"

Price action is the most critical fact that you can understand as a trader and the greatest "trading edge" is price action across multiple time frames. Contains Free Trading Video

MTF Price Action Indicator - Key To Knowing Which Market Mode You Are Trading

Multiple Time Frame Price Action Indicator shows price action which is undisputedly the most important fact in trading across 8 different time frames. Here is how this indicator will show you what market mode you are trading. Contains Free Trading Video

MTF Price Action Indicator - Reveals Support and Resistance

How the Multiple Time Frame Price Action Indicator clearly shows key real time support and resistance. Contains Free Trading Video

MTF Price Action Indicator - Secret to High Probability and High Profit Trading Setups

The Multiple Time Frame Price Action Indicator is absolutely essential to making high probability trades while maintaining a low stop loss risk. Contains Free Trading Video

MTF Price Action Indicator - Provides Powerful Reversal Trading Setups

The Multiple Time Frame Price Action Indicator is the key to powerful MTF reversal trade set-ups. These trades have a high reward probability while using a low stoploss risk. Contains Free Trading Video

Time Based Volume Indicator - The Undistorted Volume Indicator

Many traders ignore volume. Although volume is a simple concept, it is difficult to analyze correctly due to inherent challenges in the markets. These challenges make it impossible to read true volume with standard volume indicators. Read through this article to learn the best way to overcome volume distortions and how using the Time Based Volume Indicator will increase your trading "edge". Contains Free Trading Video

Fractal Channel Indicator – Boost Your Profits with Real Time Support and Resistance

Tired of the dismal profits you’re making in your trading? Maybe some of the tools you are using are giving you lagging information. You can make the correct decision based on your indicator, but if the indicator is lagging, often the result is a losing trade. This article covers the 3 most vital trading facts necessary for profitable trading. Contains Free Trading Video

Applying What You Have Learned To Create Powerful Trading Set-Ups

This article and associated video puts together all the above articles into a powerful MTF trading method. Contains Free Trading Video

The Five Most Powerful "Trading Edges"

To make a really long story about my trading history very short, I have found five vital "trading edges" that I combined together into my trading. Each one of these five "trading edges" are based on valid fundamental trading principles and when combined together creates an integrated powerful trading system.

Proper Risk Management Is A Trader's Most Important Job

Advanced Position Sizing - Done Automatically

Introducing the most advanced position sizing model available done for you automatically using our dynamic visual chart based trading strategy. This position sizing uses your "real time" actual trade risk combined with fixed risk amount to give you the best position sizing available. Contains Free Trading Video

Automated Trading Exit Strategy - Overcoming Emotional Trading

Automated Trading Exit Strategy can overcome the emotional trading problem. The typical human behavior in trading is cutting profits too short, and letting losses become too big. Automated exit strategies can be very useful in overcoming this emotional tendency. Using automated exit strategies will free a trader’s mind to pick great trade entries while their exits are unemotionally managed and their exit rules are perfectly executed.

Trading Your Equity Curve Will Reduce the Emotional Stress of Trading

I recommend that every trader have rules about draw down periods including when to trade and when not to trade any given strategy. One idea I find helpful is to actually monitor the equity curve on each trading chart to give a third party objective view on the strategy's performance.

Trading Indicators & RadarScreen Indicators - Power of Computer Assisted Trading

Use the power of Trading Indicators and RadarScreen in combination with the sophistication of the human brain to experience a powerful trading approach called computer assisted trading. The most successful trader will do what the human can do best (which is make the trading entries), and let the computer do what the computer can do best (find possible trades and manage trade exits). If you are not taking advantage of your inherent human strengths along with the power of indicators and RadarScreen for computer assisted trading, maybe it’s time to make a change.

EasyLanguage Strategy Development & Programming Services

Easy Way To Test and Validate Your Trading Ideas - Without Programming

Manual strategy testing is a laborious process, but with our Automated Strategy Testing Tool it can become very simple.

Trading Strategy Development - Operator Training

Learn what strategy development process looks like and thing you will need to know. Contains Free Trading Video

Slippage and Commission Amounts Needed For Accurate Back Testing of Futures Strategies

It is very important to enter accurate commissions costs & slippage costs before looking at a Performance Report so it is accurate.

Trading Strategy Testing - Violating These Steps Will Damage Your Account

Avoid costly mistakes by correctly testing your strategy idea. With proper strategy testing you can be sure you have a viable strategy and will protect your account against common errors in testing that cause unnecessary draw downs. This article walks you through the detailed steps to correctly test your trading strategy.

EasyLanguage Programming Services

Details about our EasyLanguage Programming services where we can turn your best trading strategy ideas into custom programmed strategies or Indicators. Contains Free Trading Video