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Swing Trading System - How to Find High Probability Swing Trade Setups

Swing Trading System - How to Find High Probability Swing Trade Setups

A second trading video which covers using a new RadarScreen Scanning Indicator for finding more great swing trade setups.

Stop wasting your productive time searching for trade set ups and start making more money trading! Find out how your computer can locate all the breakout swing trade setups (shown in video #1) and high probability swing trade setups (shown in this video #2).

This complete TradeStation Stock Swing Trading System includes (every thing shown in the video plus the page two video):
1) 4 TradeStation RadarScreen Scanning Workspaces
2) 1 TradeStation Chart Workspaces For Stock Market Directional Bias (As shown on the video)
3) 1 TradeStation Chart Trading Workspace with multiple configured trading charts
4) CT_MTF_Price_Action_Gapless (Gapless Version of Chart Indicator for 8 Time Frame Price Action Analysis)
5) CT_Fractal_Channel (Chart Indicator showing "real time" Support & Resistance plus proper StopLoss placement)
6) CT_MTF_Fractal_Channel (Chart Indicators for 8 Time Frame Support & Resistance Analysis)
7) CT_$Tick (Chart Indicator from NYSE TICK Symbol)
8) CT_Market_Bias_$TICK (Chart Indicator showing stock market directional bias)
9) CT_TS_Vol_Normalized (Chart Indicator showing Time Based Volume)
10) CT_Floor_Trader_Pivots (Chart Indicator showing Floor Trader Pivots)
11) CT_RS_Floor_Trader_Pivots (RadarScreen Indicator showing Floor Trader Pivots)
12) CT_RS_Fractal_Breakout (Chart & RadarScreen Indicator showing breakout patterns)
13) CT_RS_Swing_Trade_Setups (Chart & RadarScreen Indicator for locating High Probability Swing Trade Setups "see second page video")
14) CT_TL_Trader_Manual (Chart Based Trading Strategy for Swing Trading)
15) Private Webinar to insure the product was installed properly and everything is working correctly plus answer all your questions about using this trading system.
16) Future updates and enhancements are included at no extra cost.

Eliminate the labor intensive frustration of manually searching for trade set ups by using our TradeStation Swing Trading System.